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Thermomètre auriculaire digital

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THERMOMÈTRE D'OREILLE : Thermomètre rapide, doux, facile et précis, ce qui en fait un outil idéal pour vérifier la fièvre chez les nourrissons et les enfants, et la raison pour laquelle les thermomètres d'oreille de Braun sont utilisés dans plus de cabinets de pédiatres que les autres thermomètres pour enfants.

THERMOMÈTRE DIGITAL POUR L'OREILLE : L'embout préchauffé innovant garantit des relevés de température précis pour les nourrissons et les enfants, contrairement aux autres thermomètres auriculaires où l'embout froid du thermomètre dans l'oreille peut entraîner des températures plus basses.

THERMOMÈTRES NUMÉRIQUES POUR ENFANTS ET ADULTES : Avec des designs innovants et des commandes faciles à utiliser, les thermomètres pour enfants sont également parfaits pour les adultes. Les filtres jetables pour les thermomètres auriculaires et les thermomètres numériques et frontaux faciles à nettoyer garantissent un partage hygiénique.

THERMOMÈTRES FIABLES ET PRÉCIS : Nous savons que les parents attachent de l'importance à la précision de la lecture des thermomètres. Nous avons conçu nos thermomètres numériques, nos thermomètres frontaux sans contact et nos thermomètres auriculaires pour qu'ils soient précis, fiables et faciles à utiliser.

LES THERMOMÈTRES LES PLUS UTILISÉS PAR LES PÉDIATRICIENS : La santé de votre famille est importante pour vous et Braun fabrique des thermomètres numériques sur lesquels vous pouvez compter.

Accurate Measurement

Easy to use

One second Measurement

Convenient and fast

5 Color shells are optional

High definition backlit LCD display

Two Temperatures mode

remove the removable forehead cap can become ear thermometer

3 Colors backlit display screen

C / F temperature unit switching

12 groups of memory

60s automatic power off without operation

EASY AND QUICK --One button operation, C / F are easily and instantly switchable. 60s auto power off operation.

MEMORY FUNCTION--Memory recall of the latest 12 measurement results for tracking of temperature changes.

SAFE AND RELIABLE --Utilize newest infrared detection technology, accurate and reliable, compared with the traditional mercury thermometer, to avoid the harm of mercury vapor absorbed by the body

DUAL FUNCTION MODE --Ear and forehead temperature mode.The forehead measurement in just a swipe (3 seconds), ear measurement in just a slight (1 second).The external influence of the forehead is greater, it is NORMAL to get 1-2 F (0.6-1.2 C) difference between an ear measurement versus a forehead measurement. This is NOT due to the inaccuracy of the thermometer.it is recommended to measure the ear temperature.

THREE-COLOR BACKLIGHT AND FEVER ALARM --Green ( below 37.5 C/ 99.5 F),Yellow (37.6 C~38.0 C / 99.68 F~100.4 F), Red ( above 38.1 C/100.58 F). Automatic fever alarm when above 38 C / 100.5 F.

Change mode --Automatically change the Forehead Model (EAR Model) when you install the cover (take off the cover)

1. Inset the battery, press the Start button, all symbols appear on the display, 1 second later it appears the temperature measured last time, the sign "M" appears at the same time.

2. The sign "M" disappear, forehead/ear indicator appear, it meas the place you measured last time, then the temperature unit flickering, now is the measuring interface.

3. Test Forehead Temperature: Keep the cover on the device, press the "measuring" button till a "Beep" sound from the speaker. Measuring program starts. Keeping device in position for one second after two "Beep" sounds, the temperature value will show on screen along with the Forehead model symbol.

4. During next 6 seconds when test result lasting on the screen, user can no longer make a measurement until a sound of "Beep" aural reminder.

5. Test Ear Temperature: Take off the cover, the model will change as the Ear Model automatically, with the subject's head upright, take hold of the outer part of the ear, gently pull back and upward to straighten the ear canal, put the probe to ear canal slowly till the body of device stay completely close to ear canal.

6. No operation in 60 seconds, the device will record the last measuring data and auto power off.

7.Pressing down the "Power" button for 3 seconds when the device in off state, the unit will be switch between C / F automatically

8.The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Any dirt and/or oil will prevent an accurate measurement. Check and clean the sensor regularly. The surface should be reflective and gleaming. If it is dull and lackluster, please clean the sensor with a q-tip cotton swabs (preferably soaked with alcohol).

- 1 x Infrared Thermometer

- 1 x Retail Box

- 1 x user manual

Q: Does it light up when you turn on? We have one now and use a lot during the night but can't tell if it's on or not to start reading

A: The green backlight will come on when the thermometer takes a reading. Please note though that the red backlight will come on when the thermometer registers low or high readings.

Q: Mine is keep showing l(deg) f...or h(deg) f ?? how do i fix it?

A: You can try recalibrating - simply press the F2 button until you see 888.8 on the screen.

Q: How do you keep the ear probe clean if there are no probe covers?

A: the thermometer does not come with any probe covers. In fact, having the cover will affect the accuracy of its readings. To clean, simply dip a cotton swab in alcohol and swab the sensor. Please make sure that the sensor surface is reflective and gleaming after you have cleaned it. This is important because any dirt and/or oil on the sensor will prevent an accurate reading. Make sure you wait 5-10 minutes for the alcohol to completely evaporate before using the thermometer again.

Q: Does it measure in centigrade too?

A: Dual Mode thermometer can measure temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Following are the steps to help you change the unit of measurement:

1. When the thermometer is off, press and hold the F2 button for about 6-9 seconds. The screen will display ---" with an "M" at the bottom right.

2. Keep on holding the button until you see the "--- C or F" temperature unit on the screen.

3. Let go of the F2 button. The "--- C or F" temperature unit will start blinking.

4. Press the F2 button again within 5 seconds to change the temperature to the unit of your choice.

Q: Does this thermometer store previous temperatures?

A: The thermometer can store up to 20 temperature readings. To access the readings stored in memory, simply do the following :

- Press and hold F2 button for about 3-6 seconds until you see "---"M on the LCD display screen

- Press the F2 button again and the screen will display the number "1" with the M signal to indicate the first recorded reading. The recorded temperature will be displayed.

- To recall the next recorded reading, press the F2 button again and the number "2" will the M signal will be displayed, indicating the second recorded reading.

- Repeat to recall earlier recordings.

Q: How do you calibrate this?

A: Clinically calibrated for medical use.

Clinically tested and proven to be reliable and accurate when used in accordance to instructions.

To fix a temperature that is reading incorrectly on a digital thermometer, all you need to do is press the reset button.

With many thermometers, this is just a matter of holding down the power button for a few seconds, but you may have to check with your manual to make certain.

Once you have done this, you can perform the test again and all readings should be correct.

Q: What is the temperature range for this?

A: The forehead temperature mode has a range of between 89.6F - 107.9 F while the ear temperature mode has a range of between 32 F - 212 F.

Q: Does this thermometer alert for low body temperature, i.e. hypothermia?

A: The thermometer will emit 3 short beeps with a red backlight for 3 seconds if the temperature falls below 89.6 F.

Q: I am getting wildly different readings when taking my son's temperature via the forehead. What am I doing wrong?

A: Before taking forehead temperature, please ensure that you remove dirt or hair from the forehead area. With the sensor/probe cover attached, position the thermometer at the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrow. Ensure that the thermometer is in contact with the forehead. Press and release the F1 button. You will hear a beep and the reading will be displayed on the LCD screen. Please bear in mind too that when placed at different points on the forehead, the temperature readings at different points on the forehead will vary. Furthermore, when taking multiple readings you need to make sure that you wait at least 10 seconds between every reading. The thermometer is really sensitive to small changes in temperature and very often repeated use with no pause in between readings will result in inaccurate readings due to heat caused by friction.

Q: Should the forehead and ear reading be different? The ear reading shows at least a degree if not more higher than forehead

A: If you have a baseline temperature for anyone when the are not running a temperature taken in your preferred method any method can be deemed accurate.

the correlation of temperature results are as follows:

The average normal oral temperature is 98.6 F (37 C).

A rectal temperature is 0.5 F (0.3 C) to 1 F (0.6 C) higher than an oral temperature.

An ear (tympanic) temperature is 0.5 F (0.3 C) to 1 F (0.6 C) higher than an oral temperature.

An armpit (axillary) temperature is usually 0.5 F (0.3 C) to 1 F (0.6 C) lower than an oral temperature.

A forehead (temporal) scanner is usually 0.5 F (0.3 C) to 1 F (0.6 C) lower than an oral temperature.

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